Friday, 13 April 2018

The day you turned Seven

The day you turned seven
I realized how long we have come 
From a journey that started in 20 eleven
We sit here hugging each other wholesome

What an amazing year just went by
As you turned the heads by your side
Starting from losing your first tooth to a pie
At your last birthday hide

Days were shorter for all you did
From stretching your limits high
Not giving up on all that was forbid
You learnt new skills, in rains, winters and dry

A boy with lots of curious questions
Kept me on toes to seek answers
As few went with easy suggestions
While many left me with more concerns.

You learnt to check - mate me
Outsmart my moves with your takes
I smiled as you did that with glee
After all the rules you loved to break

You found your way to glide faster
Before I could ask you to stop
Those blades which make your sharper
And pushed you enough to tie a knot.

So today as you enter the next year
With all the new skills beside
Remember humility is the right gear
With smiles when the worst is at your stride

A very Happy Birthday my dreamer
May this year brings more happiness
Moments of joys for you and us
And yes few good teeth to add brightness :)

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

And it’s a six

Ours is a story which started few years back
And since then the world isn’t the same.
While we first held you in our lap
Everything else seemed almost lame.
And today we call it a SIX

We learnt to know you more everyday
And proud to have you our own
You made us love silly questions more
And cherish them with every moment as you grow
And today we call it a SIX

From holding fingers to highfives
From your first walk to climbs at uphill
All of it took us on rollercoaster drives
Only to later smile on the life filled with bliss
And today we call it a SIX

A tear dropped by my eyes each time you fell
The more I tried to hold them back
An emotion unexplained followed the spell
As I got into your naughty hacks.
And today we call it a SIX

We fight, We argue, You win and I lose
Agreements can be incoherent too
But this only lets us explore more clues
No wonder parenting is new life in true.
And today we call it a SIX

So today as you complete your six
And step into an year with more still
We wish you all the joy , wealth and wisdom
To let you experience an independent, beautiful world of thrill


Wednesday, 13 April 2016

As we turn 5!!

You were born with sparking eyes,
which kept asking me lots of whys.
I tried answering few,
but there have been lot, I didn’t knew.

I cried more than you did,
every time my patience lost my wit.
It was as though I was tuned to say No,
Even when "Yes" was a natural flow.

Read a lot all over the papers & books,
To learn the tricks and your nooks.
All the advices ,which suited only few,
These years, life has been just been around you.

We grew to love each other more,
and to respect our mutual shores.
We agreed to disagree a few here,
while smiling our contention to loved ones, near.

I can’t believe you are full FIVE,
 loads of smile and dancing a jive.
With every passing day together,
I learned to be a mom, a lot better.

Every year has been special,
and I cherish those as my treasure.
I wonder if I am the one you ever wanted,
but you my son is my dream granted.

They say I was reborn with you,
and that just explains me true.
How much I wish, I was a child like you,
making everyone proud with my virtue.

Today on this special day my boy,
I gift you this memoir of joy.
my feelings pouring my mind,
And some moist ones turning me blind.

May you get all what you want in life and sanity,
Happy Birthday my boy & my love for you till eternity.

Monday, 13 April 2015


Look who just turned four,
a mom in me and a dad in YOU.
With each day together and more,
love and patience grew between us TWO.

Our little baby is quite tall NOW,
before we could even hold the time for few.
I remember his first look which left us WOW,
and here we have him stepping in a year yet new.

His ever naughty smile added to our JOY,
while high fives were such a fulfilling pride.
Days became years as we played with our TOY,
who never let us down in any of his stride.

You held him to walk his little STEPS,
I tried my best not to let him fall ever.
We worked as a team for all his PREPS,
and yes he made us run together.

I know what you and me would MISS,
and as I write my eyes are tear filled.
But what is coming ahead is so much BLISS,
that we all would be simply thrilled.

Parenting is a game of growing ,
as we kiss each year GOOD BYE.
With more strength and happiness sowing,
Happy Birthday Medhansh, you are a BIG BOY!!

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

His first sports day !!

Winter sun shining bright
My little boy in red, all set with delight.
Weeks of practice strict
To make it a perfect & fit.
My curiosity to know more
Made me talk to him and explore.
Every news came in bits and pieces
And he would laugh out loud on my guesses
All set to finally experience a new day
With races on a theme of ‘Birthday’
My little baby don’t know when he grew
I saw a different Medhansh than one I knew
On your marks , Get set and go!!
My heart skipped a beat on that blow
I closed my eyes and felt the tears rolling
 Sunny boy was up there racing
I cheered him as much as I could
And all his friends whom I should
I smiled as he completed his first race
Which was all evident on my face.
Welcome to world of speed , my dear
The name is LIFE which we all live here
You completed mine with all the little pleasures
Thank you for Medhansh, my precious treasure
A learner Mom!!

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Oh Boy, as you turn THREE!!

Oh boy, as you turn THREE!!
I hardly realized as the time flee.
It seems you were born just yesterday,
As a Mom in me, grew with everyday.
Oh boy, as you turn THREE…
I learned to smile with every giggle , 
Non stop bubbling and babble.
I wondered what made you run so fast,
When my energy could hardly last.
Oh boy, as you turn THREE…
Silly me felt proud when you chewed your food,
Went around telling look he is so good.
The glory of your first deeds,
Are now my memories all in deep.
Oh boy , as you turn Three…
Your independence brought more questions,
And my answers were always short of reasons.
You never missed a chance to be clicked,
And let you mommy capture some amazing flicks.
Oh boy, as you turn THREE…
Every time you tried to speak your mind,
Adding words picked from dialect divine.
And then those dance moves you learnt,
All this was enough for me to go stunt.
Oh boy, as you turn THREE…
Wish I could freeze the time,
And let you be all mine.
But then world has to see more of you,
For you my boy have to conquer them too.
Today as your turn THREE
I wish you a long life,
Where you achieve all heights.
With goodness and character tall,
You go on and never fall.
Happy Birthday Medhansh!!
Loving you always

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Happy Birthday Medhansh

Today as you turn two
I closed my eyes and hugged you tightly
You snuggled, your eyes shined brightly
It was indeed a new morning
A bright new day with sun smiling
I wished you happy B ’Day dear
And you kissed me by coming near
Your eyes had new hope
Waiting for surprises which we chose
I can’t believe its been two years
And felt my emotions roll in tears
All these days were full of excitement
With you controlling most of the movements
Sometimes I lost my cool
Still your innocence made me a fool
Wherever I went it was your thought
Be it work or even a causal talk
Being a mom is what I love the most
My promise is to give you the best
With you I celebrate my B’ Day too
For I am a mom who just turned two!!