Thursday, 19 July 2012

Rainbow from my window

Well I am not a professional narrator and this is my first such attempt to put thoughts into words.

It was nice breezy evening after a week long rains and sun was still up in the sky though not full blown, a typical of Mumbai day. My window, the only part of our apartment that connected my toddler to the outside world during monsoons was indeed our favorite spot during such evenings. So like any other days we, the routine obsessed mom- son duo with our beverages (in his case milk and mine tea ) were there on our grand spot ,sharp at for our regular dose of fresh air and some bright colors.

There across the street, I heard her shouting on her son, “ Tu ki karda hai, teinu kuch farka na paida ”, she is the loud Punjabi lady we have in our society, the one famous for letting everybody know what’s cooking in her kitchen . I guess from north to south the vocal cords have gradually been tuned down ,for the other south indian couple on the first floor have never uttered a word which I could make out or may be I should pay more attention to what my neighbours are talking , so typical of my north Indian roots.

Suddenly something interesting caught my attention, “ Suu che, majja ma..” well that’s the Gujju lady who lives in the society opposite ours. A tution teacher by profession, she mostly has Gujarati pupils and everyday we too get an opportunity to learn basics of Gujarati and Mathematics, for she gives all the residual instructions only from the window of her fourth floor apartment to the outgoing students and there parents.

In the same society lives a 7:30 Maharastrian family too.Why 7:30?? Because every day sharp at they would  start for there office and would be back by .Now can you beat that!! Another popular feature of a Mumbaikar. Interestingly I have not heard the couple talking to each other in last three years , may be they are practicing sign language. Looks like its true ,the less you talk more happy you are for the Bengali beauty on the ground floor who happens to be my good friend too definitely gives a hard time to all of us with her endless conversation. “Ki baba, tumi kichu bujhi na, amaar koutha suno”.

I was enjoying the converstaiongs from east, west, north and south when suddenly a school bus stooped with a screeching noise.Oh, poor kids are back from school ,with bags heavier than there own weights at 7:00PM.Now this is what is not very appreciative , Schools are runs in morning and evening to maintain the supply demand ratio but who cares if they don’t get to play hide and seek like we did as kids. No wonder why these tech toy companies are minting money !!.

Truly this is ‘ Life in a Metro’ though here it runs in local trains. I was lost in my thoughts, suddenly my son shouted, ‘look Mommy” and saw him pointing up the sky and there was such a beautiful rainbow smiling at us and my joyful son was just as thrilled to see something so amazing. Just that I was not sure which was more beautiful ,the one up in the sky or the other which I have been part of since last one hour.