Wednesday, 13 April 2016

As we turn 5!!

You were born with sparking eyes,
which kept asking me lots of whys.
I tried answering few,
but there have been lot, I didn’t knew.

I cried more than you did,
every time my patience lost my wit.
It was as though I was tuned to say No,
Even when "Yes" was a natural flow.

Read a lot all over the papers & books,
To learn the tricks and your nooks.
All the advices ,which suited only few,
These years, life has been just been around you.

We grew to love each other more,
and to respect our mutual shores.
We agreed to disagree a few here,
while smiling our contention to loved ones, near.

I can’t believe you are full FIVE,
 loads of smile and dancing a jive.
With every passing day together,
I learned to be a mom, a lot better.

Every year has been special,
and I cherish those as my treasure.
I wonder if I am the one you ever wanted,
but you my son is my dream granted.

They say I was reborn with you,
and that just explains me true.
How much I wish, I was a child like you,
making everyone proud with my virtue.

Today on this special day my boy,
I gift you this memoir of joy.
my feelings pouring my mind,
And some moist ones turning me blind.

May you get all what you want in life and sanity,
Happy Birthday my boy & my love for you till eternity.

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