Friday, 13 April 2018

The day you turned Seven

The day you turned seven
I realized how long we have come 
From a journey that started in 20 eleven
We sit here hugging each other wholesome

What an amazing year just went by
As you turned the heads by your side
Starting from losing your first tooth to a pie
At your last birthday hide

Days were shorter for all you did
From stretching your limits high
Not giving up on all that was forbid
You learnt new skills, in rains, winters and dry

A boy with lots of curious questions
Kept me on toes to seek answers
As few went with easy suggestions
While many left me with more concerns.

You learnt to check - mate me
Outsmart my moves with your takes
I smiled as you did that with glee
After all the rules you loved to break

You found your way to glide faster
Before I could ask you to stop
Those blades which make your sharper
And pushed you enough to tie a knot.

So today as you enter the next year
With all the new skills beside
Remember humility is the right gear
With smiles when the worst is at your stride

A very Happy Birthday my dreamer
May this year brings more happiness
Moments of joys for you and us
And yes few good teeth to add brightness :)

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