Friday, 8 February 2013

Story of Shikha Mataji...

She entered the room with flowing hair, subtle make up and a smile to say it all. A charmer that she is, you would dare to miss one her accessories be it her ‘star bucks’ coffee mug or her color coordinated bellies. I always wondered how she managed to look so fresh even after such a tiring travel which starts early morning. But that day I got the secret out…

 I was along with her on one of the routine obsessed Monday’s at her office. The moment she entered people just got up from their seat and one of them said,”Shikha Mataji is here”. Confused I looked at her thinking why my mom not introduced me to this goddess. Just reading my face she gave the most casual look and said very softly, “That’s me. They call me Shikha Mataji here”. “What??”…I couldn’t match her pace and almost shouted. “Shhhh”..She said, “You might disturb them, it’s ok, I am used too and now I don’t mind after all it’s the culture here. You know we are a religious NGO”. I looked at her from top to bottom then imagined her in goddess attire sitting on a lion which said “I am the HR of the company reporting Krishna”. This time it was hard to hold back my smile. So true….

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It’s commendable how plugHR succeeds in managing and running such organizations were HR department never existed in first place.

I spent some time with her discussing the further action plan when suddenly someone came serving us breakfast. I again gave her a look as too why so much formality. She said, “Its ok, they serve breakfast and lunch also for free”. Well what else would you expect from an organization who serves ‘mid day meal’ to children across country. Now before I could even react the peon asked me, “Mataji, aap kuch lengi”.I just ignored and tried hard to hide my embarrassment by simply nodding and keeping myself out of any further discussion on the dignified salutation. Now I am open to be called ‘Mommy’ by a 2 year old but a 20 year old can definitely can be a challenge.

As we were about to call it a day around 5pm, the office boy came and handed over a big bag of puffed rice to ‘Mataji’ alias Shikha and before I could wonder much Shikha replied, “ This is my Friday baggage back home. They make it in-house for distribution and I am plain lucky to enjoy fringe benefits with difference.

“Hey,so now I know what makes you work for this company though you travel for two hours in bus and then not to miss the work load all to be done in two days, for its anyway a two day accounts”,I said. “Yes, you are right but wrong too.I enjoy working here for I get to do what my heart says and it’s not just the free lunch but the overall feel of the place. I enjoy the trust they show in me and the way I can nurture my stuff here. Having worked in large enterprises I have never been myself as much as I am now. I know when they call me Mataji its out of respect and frankly I love it now.The word holds a weight and now I exactly know why they call me that.This has changed me from inside and I am now doing it for Krishna.”

I was amazed to see her changing so much from the first time met her at our company induction. Was it plugHR or Krishna , I yet have to understand ,but this definitely was a fight where job content won over environment.

Jai Mataji!!

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