Wednesday, 23 January 2013

I am a Flexi Mom!!

I was a new mom ,who said I quit,
Wanted to enjoy my angel and no more office visits.
My world was limited to his smiles and needs,
I almost forgot, I was worthy of more deeds.
With time as my bundle of joy grew,
And I looked outside the window with a changed view.
I realized my happiness was to achieve more,
So why being a mom should change my core.
Are my aspirations not as important as motherhood?
Why should I let go my dreams of childhood?
I kept looking for a way,
Hoping for a magic to happen someday.
Then one day I saw the window opening to a bright light,
And energy enlightening my insight.
I am changed being, one who chose to dream,
When all said life now is not such an easy stream.
It’s a pleasure to breathe your life as sane,
And enjoying his moments time and again
I still pamper my baby and a sing him a song,
For I am what they call a ‘Flexi Mom’


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