Sunday, 13 April 2014

Oh Boy, as you turn THREE!!

Oh boy, as you turn THREE!!
I hardly realized as the time flee.
It seems you were born just yesterday,
As a Mom in me, grew with everyday.
Oh boy, as you turn THREE…
I learned to smile with every giggle , 
Non stop bubbling and babble.
I wondered what made you run so fast,
When my energy could hardly last.
Oh boy, as you turn THREE…
Silly me felt proud when you chewed your food,
Went around telling look he is so good.
The glory of your first deeds,
Are now my memories all in deep.
Oh boy , as you turn Three…
Your independence brought more questions,
And my answers were always short of reasons.
You never missed a chance to be clicked,
And let you mommy capture some amazing flicks.
Oh boy, as you turn THREE…
Every time you tried to speak your mind,
Adding words picked from dialect divine.
And then those dance moves you learnt,
All this was enough for me to go stunt.
Oh boy, as you turn THREE…
Wish I could freeze the time,
And let you be all mine.
But then world has to see more of you,
For you my boy have to conquer them too.
Today as your turn THREE
I wish you a long life,
Where you achieve all heights.
With goodness and character tall,
You go on and never fall.
Happy Birthday Medhansh!!
Loving you always


  1. Beautifully written rakshi...well expressed....♥♥ happy birthday medhansh...stay blessed...