Tuesday, 9 December 2014

His first sports day !!

Winter sun shining bright
My little boy in red, all set with delight.
Weeks of practice strict
To make it a perfect & fit.
My curiosity to know more
Made me talk to him and explore.
Every news came in bits and pieces
And he would laugh out loud on my guesses
All set to finally experience a new day
With races on a theme of ‘Birthday’
My little baby don’t know when he grew
I saw a different Medhansh than one I knew
On your marks , Get set and go!!
My heart skipped a beat on that blow
I closed my eyes and felt the tears rolling
 Sunny boy was up there racing
I cheered him as much as I could
And all his friends whom I should
I smiled as he completed his first race
Which was all evident on my face.
Welcome to world of speed , my dear
The name is LIFE which we all live here
You completed mine with all the little pleasures
Thank you for Medhansh, my precious treasure
A learner Mom!!

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